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Wardrobe Essentials: PART I


Hey Guys & Dolls,
This is a fashion theory post and it is aimed at helping you build the ultimate closet. Wardrobe essentials are the building blocks to having a functional closet without ever uttering the dreaded words ‘I have nothing to wear’.

Whether you are in the process of building your closet from scratch, or you are looking to re-structure your pre-existing closet, below are ten of the core pieces that every closet should have. These are pieces that you can wear together or layer with other pieces to create different looks every single time.

1.    Blue Skinny Jeans
This is the one staple that never goes out of style. The perfect blue skinny jeans go with everything. It can be dressed down/up for a smart/casual look respectively. Once you have got a pair that is perfect in terms of shape, style, length and fit, you can then go ahead and purchase other colours.

2.    Leather Jacket
This is a piece that you can just throw on and go. It goes with everything from your denims to your little black dress. Whilst a real leather jacket can be very expensive, you can fake it till you make it with a faux piece.
The leather jacket is extremely edgy and versatile and if you’re one that loves to be daring with your looks, opt for a piece with silver/gold hardware as it adds extra edge to your overall outfit.

3.   White Button Down Shirt
This is another staple that goes with everything (from jeans to pencils skirts). The white button down shirt is not your average work or school shirt. It all comes down to the cut and fabric that you opt for- try and go for natural fibres when possible and buy more than one pair. There is nothing more annoying than an over-worn, over bleached yellowing white shirt.

4.    Little Black Dress
The Little Black Dress, also known as the LBD has been a staple for years and is essential to every girls’ closet whether you’re fashion savvy or not. Ever since Givenchy dressed Holly Golightly/Audrey Hepburn in that backless number in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the LBD has risen in ranks to stand the test of time. It is classic, timeless and can be worn all year round. Whether you’re going out or going to work, it is one of those pieces that dresses itself depending on the style and cut that you go for and despite the famed name, your LBD doesn’t have to be so little, opt for a length you’re comfortable in.
5.   Black Pencil Skirt
This is a wardrobe essential that transcends all seasonal trends as it can be carried over and worn with just about anything. You can wear it to work and after work for dinner/drinks. It is so effortless and if you’re worried about it looking boring/dated, opt for a variation of the classic skirt by going for a piece that is slightly embellished, high waisted or a piece with a front slit. You can also opt away from the traditional pencil skirt by selecting unconventional materials e.g. leather.

6.    Cashmere Sweater
I love knitwear in general because it gives me the illusion of being wrapped up in my duvet all day long. Even though sweaters are considered layering pieces (can be worn over your leather skirt/skinny jeans and under your wool coat/leather jacket) and less important, I actually consider it a staple, especially if it is cashmere. Although cashmere can be quite expensive, it is more an investment than it is a splurge because you get what you pay for, warmth.  If looked after properly, you will have your cashmere for years and that beats running out and grabbing a new sweater every winter.

7.    Wool Coat
I am a great advocate for a great quality winter coat because sometimes your coat can be your outfit- just ask Miroslava Duma. If you live in England like me, you’re seen with your coat 90% of the time. You can wear the most basic/extravagant thing under your coat but it is seldom seen which is why I opt for gorgeous wool/cashmere blend coats in different styles.
The wool coat is a staple because once again, you will have it for years if looked after properly. I am not particular about color but if you’re just building your closet from scratch, I would suggest going for black, camel or gray.

8.   Black Pumps
Nothing adds instant sex appeal to your outfit like a pair of black pumps. Whether you’re simply wearing denim or a pencil skirt, you can transform your outfit wit the slip on of pumps. While the point toe shape (which happens to be my favourite) is very popular, if it is not to your beat, you can opt for the almond toe shape. There is a plethora of black pumps to choose from so be capricious with your choices by considering heel height, material and shape.

9.    Leather Tote Bag
Nothing quite completes a look like a tote bag and if you have a great quality leather bag, you will have it for years and years to come. The tote comes in a plethora of shapes and sizes to suit your style personality so you can be capricious with your choice.

10.White T-Shirt
Just like the White shirt, the white tee can be worn with almost everything. It adds a level of effortlessness and ease to any outfit. Pair with your blue skinny jeans for a casual look or your black pencil skirt, your black pumps and some minimal jewellery for a smart casual look. It is another piece that takes you from day to night with the right accompaniments.

What are your favourite pieces? Let me know what y’all think. I am Destini Monet and you have been reading ‘The Black Mannequin’.

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