Saturday, February 6, 2016

Love Bird

“I know of only one duty, and that is to love.” –Albert Camus

Hey Guys & Dolls,
This is the second instalment of the valentine capsule and it focuses on a look appropriate for a light date e.g. brunch, meeting the family, spa date etc
It is not heavy and you can layer as you see fit depending on your date

I hope as you are all preparing to celebrate your valentine’s day next week, you understand that despite the mythologies, matyrologies and hagiographical accounts of how valentine’s day came about and what it represents, you have a duty to love yourself and love others.

I won’t pretend to have ever been in Love but I do know one thing; Love is Free but it sure does cost a lot (and no, I am not talking about money/presents). Love makes the world go round and it is the one currency I know that has never crashed.

Dress: Marks & Spencer
Tee: Topshop
Sandals: ZARA

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all

I am Destini Monet and you have been reading ‘The Black Mannequin’.

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