Tuesday, June 7, 2016

serge de Nîmes

“When I am putting looks together, I dare myself to make something work. I always look for the most interesting silhouette or something that’s a little off, but I have to figure it out. I have to make it me. I think that’s the thrill in fashion.” –Rihanna

Hey Guys & Dolls,
Welcome back to my blog. Firstly, I would like to thank every single one of you. We hit 11,000 VIEWS with ‘EDM’ and 10,000 VIEWS back with the ‘Candy Rain’ post. I am so grateful to all of you who come back every week to read the posts, to everyone who keeps supporting my efforts and especially to those of you who won’t let me quit. It has been such a rewarding experience knowing that people are inspired by the way I put some of my outfits together.

Moving on, I am still having an affair with Denim and I believe this is because of the latest addition to my Style Icons list, which I will be updating before the end of the year. In addition to that, I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to push my creativity and as a result, challenged myself to style an item I would never wear or should I say, thought I would never wear.

Denim Dress: ZARA
Court Shoes: Marks & Spencer

I would love to know what y’all think of my fit. Leave me a comment below. I am Destini Monet and you have been reading ‘The Black Mannequin’.

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