Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Style Icons II

Hey Guys and Dolls,
Back in June, I published a post called ‘serge de Nîmes’ and I happened to state that I had a new addition to the icons who have influenced my style over the last few years (the previous list can be found here). As my style would have it, it turns out, I not only have one but three new influencers and as a result, I have decided to update the list and share them with y’all.

This beautiful chanteuse gives me everything I need when it comes to style inspiration; be it casual, street style, vintage, high fashion and even menswear. She can be everything from tame to risqué and it is why her style is the most influential and most dissected at the present moment.
What I love about Rihanna is that she does and wears what she absolutely wants regardless of what anyone thinks. When it comes to fashion, she is a woman after my own heart and I, along with many, can see why she is a recipient of the CFDA 2014 Fashion Icon Award.
Her style has evolved depending on the energy of every album release. She has given us the cute next-door sweetheart, the rebel rockstar, the sexy siren, the unapologetic nudist and now, she is almost an amalgamation of all of that energy which of course, makes for interesting style choices.
Like a true Piscean, her style cannot be narrowed down to a specific niche as frequently exemplified by her affinity for menswear designed by Raf Simmons, KTZ, Acne Menswear, y/projects to name a few.

Solange is a singer/song-writer turned actress turned DJ turned model and the list goes on. The point of that introduction is to give you an idea of just how much Solange’s style palette has evolved over the years and just why she made it into my Style Icons List.
Solange has made her style an extension of who she is and what she’s about which is why I personally love her. The reason why she made it into my list is because Solange dresses from head to toe, literally! She leaves no element undone. Her love for bold colors, daring hemlines, mixed patterns and enthralling accessories gives her an edginess the rest of us can only dream of. She just seems to be able to wear it all whether it is vintage glam, classic beauty or rogue retro and the genius of her style is that she can combine a bunch of these looks simultaneously and still look pulled together effortlessly.
ps. she is also the reason why I am obsessed with Orange lipstick!

You would recall me watching ‘Sex and the City’ in STYLE ICONS but what I failed to mention was that I was also an avid viewer of the show ‘GIRLFRIENDS’.
TER’s style is amazing to me because like the other icons aforementioned, she wears everything with confidence. Her style has an edgy polish on a professional tailored silhouette. I love her affinity for block colors and prints alike but I am especially partial to when she wears my favourite color, RED. I am in love with the way she embraces her curves which is reflected in her body hugging wardrobe choices. Just like Solange, her outfit starts with her hair and her Afro has become one of her style signatures. Tracee Ellis Ross made my updated list because she can wear any and everything but not before it is topped off with a perfect bold lip. So a glass please, to the woman who introduced me to the Christian Louboutin brand. Honestly, there is never a moment I see her and don’t experience shoe envy, LOL!

Who is your style Icon? Leave me a comment below. I am Destini Monet and you have been reading ‘The Black Mannequin’.

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