Thursday, August 18, 2016


Hey Guys & Dolls,
Welcome back to my blog. Summer is finally upon us and I am so excited to show you another product of my experimentation.
When you think summer, no one ever thinks black but I walked into ZARA a few days ago and saw this longline tee and knew straightaway that I wanted it. I hadn’t even walked outta the store yet before all the different styling ideas started dancing around in my head. I wanted to show you the first idea that popped into my head. I had imagined this look with a leather jacket and sunglasses but seeing, as it is 32 degrees outside, I am not trying to play myself.

Choker: H&M
Longline Mesh Dress: ZARA
Mesh Lingerie: Marks & Spencer
Bangles: Forever 21
Creepers: Underground Creepers

What do you think of my fit? I would love to hear from you all. I am Destini Monet and you have been reading ‘The Black Mannequin’.

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