Friday, November 18, 2016

Lady Wood

Hey Guys & Dolls,
Welcome back to my blog. Today’s post brings you the next styling from the ‘Act Like A Lady, Dress Like a Man’ series and is modelled after a single, off Tove Lo’s album, which goes by the same title.
According to Tove Lo, “Lady Wood is a good way to express balls- and as a woman, I don’t have any so Lady Wood describes that. It’s like a girl getting a hard-on.”
There is a confidence that comes with putting on a suit that is somewhat indescribable which is why the title of this post is so befitting. I am not a man, that is true but when I have on a suit, I don’t care that I’m not a man. I don’t care that I repeatedly get told that it is a man’s world. I don’t care, PERIOD.
In a suit, I am so ballsy. In fact, the world is my playground. I am inspired to go after what I want, fight for what I want and ultimately get what I want. That right there, Ladies and Gentlemen, is called AUDACITY and that is what wearing this outfit gave me.
So to whoever is reading, wherever you may be, get some balls and go get yours. I am Destini Monet and you have been reading ‘The Black Mannequin.”

Outfit: Marks & Spencer
Tie: Borrowed from my little brother


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