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Hey Guys and Dolls,
I am so excited to be collating and presenting the trend report for what’s gonna be hot throughout the next 4 months. A perusal of various runways and collections showcase trends that are so far removed from each other with the only thing they have in common being something I can only describe as electric audacity. Most of these trends have seen before but they’ve resurfaced with modernisations that push boundaries and offer elements of edge that defies the typical autumn/winter expectations.

I am so excited to introduce y’all to the biggest trend of AW16/17. This trend is androgyny at its peak as it uses masculinity to accentuate subtle femininity. This trend uses style to introduce gender ambiguity and a lack of specific sexuality or rather, the appearance of multiple genders in one.
In specific instances, the trend sees women in masculine suits with nothing but a sparkly bra underneath to accentuate their femininity. In other instances, the work wardrobe gets an update with women opting for the power suits and bold pinstripes paired with comfortable flats such as oxford brogues and oversized jumpers underneath.

It is not a surprise that Check would make an appearance for Autumn/Winter as it is now considered a season staple. The real surprise, however, would be the return of the heritage of aristocracy as the contrasting lines of the English royal family’s go-to print, Prince of Wales Check, to the tailoring scene.

Seeing as Pleats is a trend I associate mostly with S/S, I was surprised to see its appearance on the A/W catwalk.

Around the holidays, Velvet always makes an appearance but this year, it has come a little early and it looks like it is going to be this season’s key fabric. Not only has it come early, but it also came with a makeover. AW16/17 has brought us normal velvet, colored velvet and crushed velvet, which is more lustrous and slightly more textured than your average velvet. If you really want to make a statement, I would recommend wearing it head to toe monochromatically or in two contrasting colours (please refer to the color wheel for maximum effect). However, if you’re not into the velvet trend, you can try accessories such as chokers, which is great way to get into the play. If you’re one that doesn’t find chokers flattering, Boots (3.1 Philip Lim Kyoto Stretch boots) and bags are also a great way to get in on some velvet action.

When it comes to hems, it doesn’t get any sexier than the midi. This is a hemline that elongates the body and makes everyone appear taller because well, it strategically detracts attention from the legs and focuses the emphasis elsewhere.

Another trend that has returned from Fashion Siberia is what I like to call the New Generation Corsetry. The wearing of your underwear as outerwear has transitioned from the SS16 catwalk to the AW16/17 with the most noticeable idea presenting itself in the form of, wearing a bustier/corset over your outfit.

The timeless sheepskin is back and looking better than ever as it takes on life forms of capes, moto jackets and mid length coats.

Just like Christmas isn’t Christmas without the coke advert, Autumn/Winter isn’t really autumn/winter without the military element.

When designers want to be creative without using prints or patters, they opt for slogans to incite and express the themes and emotions of the collection

10.                 THE TURTLENECK
It is always a biggest fashion trend as it is essential to successful layering. This fashion season sees a revolution of the turtleneck as it takes on different constructions and materials.

11.                 INTERGALACTIC
When it comes to combating the darkness, edginess and vampness that comes with Autumn/Winter dressing, pieces that play with the light is key. Fashion houses created items of clothing with high metallic brilliance finish using metallic sequins, decorated tinsel and mirror mosaics. This created futuristic aesthetics and or a new take on Barbarella as purported by Vogue.

12.                 CAPES
Whilst it remains an Autumn/Winter classic, this trend has become a little more experimental as the fashion seasons come and go. There is a cape to suit everyones individual style with an array of styles and materials to choose from

13.                 TRANSPARENCY IS KEY

14.                 MODERN VICTORIANA
Every Autumn/Winter, Victorian fashion is modernised and this season is no different. The Victorian fashion has been resurrected with a dash of eccentricity as illustrated by the pie crust collars, leg of muton sleeves and puffed shoulders blended with lace accents presented in a color palette of grey, ivory and black.

15.                 THE PUSSYBOW
The pussybow makes a splash all over the catwalk appearing on everything from tops to dresses, which appeals to everyone who dresses like a schoolgirl or exudes a Victorian allure.

16.                 FUR
Whether it is real or faux. There’s no denying the appearance of fur at the feeling of the first chill. This season takes a creative approach with fur appearing in various colors, floral designs, on the hood, lapels and collars of ensembles. Alternatively, if you’re finding the fur trend a little much, why don’t you introduce an asymmetrically draped fur stole into your styling to kick things off. This can be worn with any and every look.

17.                 THE SWEETHEART NECKLINE
Ever since the world witnessed Rihanna wear her dress shirt off the shoulder and Kim Kardashian West wore nothing but her trench coat off the shoulder at Paris Fashion Week, I knew this romantic trend was going to feature heavily on the catwalk and would heavily influence the necklines of what we would later be buying in stores.
Ps. if you’re not into buying new clothes just to fit this particular trend, unzip your jacket or unbutton the top of your coat so it falls around your shoulder giving the same effect.

18.                 ELEVATED SPORTSWEAR
Vetements became extremely popular earlier this year and quickly became a celebrity favourite as seen on A-listers such as Rihanna and Kanye West.
The fashion house headed by Demma Gvasalia has heavily influenced and elevated the sports luxe trend we’ve become accustomed to over the past three fashion seasons. As different fashion houses have focused on restyling Hoodies, Puffa Jackets, Hiking Boots and Ski Pants, the best way to build on this trend is to pair these items with contrasting pieces as depicted below.

19.                 ANIMAL PRINT
Just like the Check print, the Animal Print is another A/W staple but this season didn’t just do the usual and inject a little leopard print into our wardrobes, this season took a trip to the wild side with leopard prints, tiger prints, cheetah prints, jaguar prints and some other prints from the wild that I am yet to identify. And whilst some powerhouses opted for doses of wild cats, some spliced all the prints together into one single look. How’s that for growl power?

20.                 The 80s
As we veer away from the fashion of the ‘70s, The era of power dressing and rock & roll makes a bold retaliation and although it was a bit before my time, I can learn to appreciate the paid homage and extreme focus on satin, ruching, power shoulders and exaggerated sleeves, fishnet tights, waist-belts, asymmetric cuts, leather, lace, latex and lurex. Oh and lets not forget about the shimmer. The best part about the most decorative decade of the 20th century is that you don’t have to walk aound like you stepped out of a time machine. You can mix and match to suit your personal aesthetic whether it’s casual or dressy.

Finally, if any of these trends don’t really rock your boat, then opt for the colors that made a splash across all fashion powerhouses. These include shades of red, purple and bubble-gum pink.

What do you think of the A/W trends and which ones will you be trying? Leave me a comment below and don’t forget to keep up with my posts as I show you how to translate trends from the catwalk to everyday wearable style. I am Destini Monet and you have been reading ‘The Black Mannequin.’

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  1. Thank you for having them catalogued in one place I personally loved the velvet's comeback :)
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