Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Hey Guys & Dolls,
I know it is February but I wanted to officially wish y’all a happy new year whether you’ve been here since the beginning of my journey or you are just joining The Black Mannequin family.
I am so excited to be writing this post because honestly, I didn’t think I’d be for one second returning to the blogosphere this year. My little brother/photographer, or as he liked to call himself, the heart of the team, moved to a different country and I took it harder than expected because for the better part of January, I couldn’t even tell you what day it was which was alarming considering how long I had been looking forward to 2017.
Despite all the hounding, verbal abuse and death threats about where I have been and where my content at, I am here now. 2017 resumes again and it brings some new changes. If you haven’t noticed yet, we have an official domain up now so please feel free to use it and don’t be afraid to spread the word. That’s THEBLACKMANNEQUIN.CO.UK

If you have been following me on snapchat (@BLACKMNQN), you’d have seen the hashtag #TheKingship many times and whilst many have enquired about what it is, I really didn’t wanna put it out there until I had properly defined it for myself. By definition, #TheKingship refers to the dignity, rank or position of a king and is going to be the running theme for The Black Mannequin this year. I will be sharing and tying it in with majority of my posts so make sure you keep an eye out.

If you made it to the end of my *editor’s note, just know that you’re the real MVP.
So raise your glasses with me
A toast to 2017; May it be everything we make it and more.

Love Always,
Destini Monet


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