Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fly Ass Pisces III

Hey Guys & Dolls,
It is that time of the year again y’all. It is St. Inèz Month.
In my true over the top nature, I am usually all about the fanfare when it comes to my birthday. Ever since I was 18, I have always treated myself to a month long celebration because I can. This usually entails getting a new cake every week to taking a holiday to crazy night outs always in the colour red.
This was a different birthday for me and honestly, I still don’t know how I feel because I broke with convention.
This year, I knew deep down that I just wanted to be surrounded by family and that is exactly what I did. For one night only, I was surrounded by love, filled with love and exuded love and it all happened without a red dress, a red bottom heel and (gasps dramatically) without my precious Ruby Woo lipstick.
And whilst I didn’t have the lavish dinner and the crazy night out, I had still hoped to which is why I bought this romantic dress. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of lace especially if it is not on or part of lingerie however this dress was love at first Internet browse (see what I did there). It just gives me instant Carrie Bradshaw vibes and of course, I had to make my style icon proud by teaming this with some killer shoes that she would be proud of.

Ear Cuff: Topshop
Jewellery: Marks & Spencer
Dress: ASOS
Shoes: Valentino

Photography: Ebi Pamere

How do I look? Leave me a comment below.

Love Always,

Destini Monet

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  1. You look gorgeous. The colour really goes well with your lovely brown complexion.


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